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System IMI

European citizens and businesses benefit every day from the opportunities offered by the single market. However, for single market legislation to work as intended, Member State administrations need to cooperate closely. To support them in their cooperation, the European Commission has developed the Internal Market Information System (IMI).

IMI is a secure online application that allows national, regional and local authorities to communicate quickly and easily with their counterparts abroad. IMI is accessible via the internet without the need to install any additional software.

IMI helps users:

  • find the right authority to contact in another country and
  • communicate with them using pre-translated sets of standard questions and answers.
Example: You are an authority in Ireland who needs information from a Hungarian body - you can select a question in English. The Hungarian authority sees the question and corresponding reply options in Hungarian, but you will receive its reply in English.

Because Member States have been closely involved in devising the system, IMI offers uniform working methods agreed by every EU country.

However, should disputes arise, national or regional IMI coordinators can intervene. The European Commission runs a central IMI helpdesk.

Learn more about IMI in brochure.


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