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Procedure for recognition of professional qualifications on a permanent basis (establishment)

Regulated professions may only be practiced by someone who has earned an appropriate qualification. Access to the profession is regulated by law.

There is a competent authority for every regulated profession. The competent authorities may be the ministry or professional chambers and other organizations that have a public mandate to carry out certain tasks in sectoral law. It is their job to decide who can practice that profession in our country.

Applicants must submit an application with enclosed documents and settled an administrative fee in accordance with the Law on Administrative Fees.

The competent authority may demand additional documentation if needed. They will make a decision no later than two months after submission of the application and the complete file.


Three systems for the recognition of professional qualifications and three types of applications

The directive sets out three systems for the recognition of qualifications and three types of applications.

1. Automatic recognition on the basis of coordination of minimum training conditions

Automatic recognition basis on harmonised minimum training conditions and it is aplicable for seven »sectoral« professions: architect, dentist, doctor, midwife, nurse, pharmacist, veterinary surgeon. This means that the competent authority of the host Member State may not check your training and may not ask you for documentation specifying the content of the training taken. When you cannot be granted automatic recognition, the recognition comes under thegeneral system.

2. Recognition of professional experience

If you work in the craft, commerce or industry sector, your professional experience may qualify for automatic recognition on the basis of your professional experience if you meet the conditions, the required minimum duration and nature of the professional experience which are laid down in Directive 2005/36/EC If you do not meet the required professional experience conditions, you may request mutual recognition for your qualifications on the basis of the general system.

Avtomatično priznavanje poklicnih izkušenj velja za poklice s področja obrti, industrije in trgovine. Države članice priznajo predhodno opravljanje dejavnosti, za katere je predpisano določeno število let poklicnih izkušenj za zgoraj določene dejavnosti. V kolikor ne dosegajo pogojev za avtomatično priznanje poklicne kvalifikacije, si lahko priznajo posamezniki poklicno kvalifikacijo po splošnem sistemu.

3. Recognition under the general system

Recognition under the general system means recognition of evidence of training and checking the level of qulaification regardnig to the durationa and level of training for the purposes of establishment in the host country. The competent authority compares your training with the national training to check whether there are any substantial differences. Substantial differences means major differences with regard to the subjects which are essential for the exercise of the profession. If the competent authority identifies substantial differences between your training and the national training, it may impose compensation measures, i.e. an adaptation period of up to three years or an aptitude test.

The application must contain:

  • evidence of nationality,
  • diploma, certificate and other evidence of education, as well as certificates of professional competence and experience,
  • evidence of other qualifications,
  • any other evidence, as necessary.

In the course of the procedure, the competent authority may request a competent professional chamber or other organisation to submit their opinion; if the latter is not provided, the competent authority shall issue its decision without it. An opinion of a competent professional chamber or other organisation shall not be binding for a decision issued by the competent authority.

PIn the procedure, the competent authority compares written documentation on the applicant’s professional qualifications with the professional qualifications required by regulations in our country for the pursuit of the regulated profession or professional activity. If, based on the comparison, the competent authority assesses that the applicant’s professional qualifications are not adequate, it issues a provisional decision and calls on the applicant to take one of the following compensation measures, depending on the circumstances, in order to obtain recognition of a professional qualifications: an aptitude test or an adaptation period.

The competent authority issues a decision on the recognition of professional qualification regarding the pursuit of a particular regulated profession or activity in Slovenia:

  • when it is assessed based on the application - that the candidate’s professional qualifications comply with the qualifications required for the pursuit of a particular regulated profession or professional activity in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • when the candidate submits evidence of a successfully completed adaptation period or aptitude test.

On the basis of a decision on the recognition of professional qualifications, the candidate is enabled to pursue a regulated profession for which he/she has been qualified in a Member State of the EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation under the same conditions that apply to Slovenian nationals, provided that the activities covered by that profession are comparable.

The competent authorities issues to the Slovenian nationals and persons who have acquired their professional qualifications in the Republic of Slovenia certificates of the compliance of their evidence of professional qualification with Directive 2005/36/EC.


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