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The internal market offers many opportunities for both citizens and businesses.

You might want to move to another country within the EU, you may want to study, be employed, to join your partner or just to enjoy life after retirement. Maybe it is your desire to start a business or even sell your products or services in another EU country.

Directive 2005/36/EC establishes uniform rules for the promotion of mobility of professionals within the EU. Uniform rules are established at EU level.

Recent studies have shown that 28% of EU citizens are considering working abroad. Recognition of professional qualifications is the key to ensure that the fundamental freedoms of the internal market work effectively for the benefit of EU citizens. The European Union has in recent years increased its focus on labour mobility as an important measure for increasing the employment rate, which is one of the fundamental goals of the Lisbon strategy. In this context, the European Commission drew much of its effort to promote both geographical and occupational mobility of workers.


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