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Database of regulated professions in the EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation

Regulation of the labor market or within this concept a regulation of the conditions for the pursuit of the profession is covered by a variety of legal disciplines.

Regulation of professions is also strongly linked to the competitiveness of the market or the state as such. In addition to entering the market each country can be governed by the rules of implementation or exercise of specific occupations. This may include restrictions on pricing, ban on certain forms of advertising or promotion in general and the establishment of professional and ethical standards, which can be monitored and in case of violation punishable through disciplinary proceedings.

Regulated professions, vary according to country, both in terms of numbers, as well as type. Each Member State has a database of regulated professions. Some Member States have less regulated professions, others more.

If you would like to know if a profession in the Member State where you are is regulated or not, you can check the link below:


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