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Irena Kuntarič Hribar, Head of Sector for Lifelong Learning and Scholarships

 T: +386 1 369 76 04 
 F: +386 1 369 76 69 
 E: irena.kuntaric-hribar(at) 

 Sabina Trokić 
 T: +386 1 369 76 41 
 F: +386 1 369 76 69 
 E: sabina.trokic(at)

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Recognition and assessment of education

When you are going abroad, you will, in some cases, need to obtain an opinion of your degree or certificate (you can needed for the job, this may require your prospective employer, ...). In this case, you can contact the network of ENIC-NARIC centers. In Slovenia, the Centre operates under the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

Fundamental tasks of the Slovenian ENIC-NARIC center are as follows:

  • Collect and disseminate information on the Slovenian school system and foreign education systems of individual countries,
  • Conduct of the proceedings and issue opinions on education in accordance with the Recognition and Evaluation of Education Act (Official Gazette, 87/11 and 97/11 correction,
  • Preparation of public information for users,
  • Advice and information for individuals and institutions of Slovenian and foreign education,
  • International cooperation in the ENIC-NARIC centers.

The ENIC-NARIC network includes 55 countries worldwide.


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